A Beautiful Engagement Session At Lassen Volcanic National Park | James Tang Photography

I met Kristyl and Johann face to face after months of emailing back and forth. They traveled to their actual wedding venue in Lake Arrowhead, Pine Rose Cabins, to meet me there. As always, I did most of the talking since I’m always excited whenever I get a chance to get out of the house. […]

Homemade Harbor Freight Trailer Camper | James Tang Photography

So I did a thing. I started a cabin on wheels project in the middle of this year. I’ve always been fascinated with tiny homes but at the moment it is not practical for me to own one. A homemade camper trailer is a good compromise especially with camping in bad weather and the ease […]

Big Bear Lake Engagement Session

Big Bear Engagement Photography Session with a Rowboat | Lauren and Kevin

Lauren has yet to decide on a wedding venue when her mom, Alison, initially reached out to me. We connected so well on our face-to-face meeting that they decided to have me as their wedding photographer. I’m so glad they did because Lauren and Kevin are such a fun couple. Obviously my sarcasm and non-funny […]

Angelus Oaks YMCA Camp Round Meadow wedding

Angelus Oaks Camp Round Meadow Wedding | Liana and John

Liana and John met at a Disney competition. Six years later, John proposed to Liana on top of the hills over looking Altadena. It turned out earlier that day John skipped work to do the same 3 miles hike to set up a tent, dinner, champagne, and lights so they can spend the rest of […]

Rowboat engagement photo

HTTPS and Google SEO

Apparently, an encrypted website is suppose to give you a slight improved ranking with Google. I did not know that it would also reset all of the social network “likes” counter. So, all the blogs I wrote from the past look empty. 😀 Well, I will try not to take it personally.

A Romantic Engagement Session at Yosemite with a Rowboat | Taylor and Canyon

Taylor and Canyon have been together since high school. She is driven, motivated, and bubbly. He is more of a strong and silent type. They work very well together as a team. I suggested Yosemite National Park as the engagement session location because Canyon proposed to Taylor there. So naturally it’s more special and personal […]

Pentax 67ii Quick Review (Part 2 with pictures) | Southern California Medium Format Film Wedding Photographer

There are a few things I’ve learned using this camera in the real world. It’s not as heavy as some people may claim, no more heavier than my Nikon D800 with a 24-70 lens on it. It is very easy to focus, especially for creative compositions, due to the large bright screen. My manual focus […]

Pentax 67ii Quick Review | Southern California Medium Format Film Wedding Photographer

Well that didn’t take long. I recently decided to get myself a Pentax 67ii medium format film camera to go along with my Pentax 645nii’s for photographing weddings. Why 6×7 format and specifically the Pentax 67ii film camera? Since I already have lenses for the Pentax 67 system, I might as well get something that […]

A fun engagement in Big Bear | Liana and John

Not only are Liana and John so fun to work with, they’re also adorable together. A rowboat, puppy, and a touch of Harry Potter in the middle of a forest all add up to a fun engagement session in Big Bear. My job was made easy by this cute couple. Every single interaction was natural […]

A beautiful and intimate Pine Rose wedding | Melissa and Daniel

Melissa and Daniel got married at Pine Rose Cabins a few months ago, but their story began years before that. He was a young scorekeeper for their soccer team, and she was just trying to avoid traffic and save gas by going early to soccer practices. They got to know each other and became friends […]

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