Camera shoulder strap safety device

A while back, the rotating joint on one of my shoulder straps broke and dropped both my camera and expensive camera lens to the ground. Luckily, both survived without a scratch but I may not be so lucky the next time. So I made a simple and inexpensive safety hook to prevent a costly drop, and my wife unintentionally tested it at our annual So Cal Renaissance Faire in Irwindale. It works like a charm!!

You’ll need a nylon wrist strap like this and a key chain carabiner like this. Disclaimer: I’m not affiliated with any of these Ebay sellers.

This is your typical screw and hook. The screw can become loose or rotating joint can break due to wear and tear over time.

So I take a key chain ring and insert the nylon wrist strap into it, then loop the key ring into the camera’s existing shoulder strap ring…

…and tie the other end onto the carabiner…

..then hook the carabiner onto the strap itself.

The end product is a cheap and effective safety device that may save you a lot of money one day. If you’re using one of the sling style strap, like the one from Black Rapid, this is something to consider of having.

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