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It has been over 15 years since my last roll of film, but it is good to be back to shooting film again. Like many of my classmates at the time, I started photography by taking a class in high school. It was fun, but I was not planning to be a photographer at the time so I didn’t really spend a lot of time to explore it further. I wanted to be a graphic designer. My exposure to film ended pretty much after that one class, right at the point where digital photography took off. I was still shooting film off and on, but digital photography opened up a whole new world. I slowly became 100% digital due to the convenience and the instant gratification that the medium allows. Now 15 years later I am going back to film again.

Why film? Beyond the technical differences, film to me is very organic, unprocessed, and naturally beautiful. You slow down, forget everything else and just focus on good photography. There is no instant gratification or verification of a LCD screen and that’s the beauty of it. Shooting film can be expensive and requires that you have the knowledge and experience to get it right. Oh, and you can’t really reshoot. It is pure photography in my humble opinion.

Fifteen years is a long time but I’m happy to be back shooting film again. I won’t give up digital but will add film to my work flow, so I’m very excited and looking forward to shoot selected weddings in 2015 on 35mm film. It is an opportunity for me to provide my clients with a unique and beautiful experience on their special day. My goal is to become a hybrid wedding photographer starting in 2016.

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James Tang

Owner/Photographer at James Tang Photography
I'm a hybrid wedding and portrait photographer. I use medium format 6x7 film and full frame digital cameras for my work. I'm based out of Southern California but have traveled throughout US and part of Europe to document weddings. My wedding photography style is modern, elegant, and timeless. Occasionally, I will do creative personal projects for fun.
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