Nikon 35mm f1.8 DX lens on FX camera (D800)

The 35mm f1.8 lens was designed for DX cameras (cropped sensor for non-Nikon users).  At around $200, it is a sweet lens especially if you don’t mind a bit of vignetting on full frame DSLR’s.  Here’s a quick sample of my new 35mm f1.8 DX lens on my Nikon D800.  The D800 is notorious for being picky about lenses and this lens passed the sharpness test even at almost wide open.  For the price, it is a great gem!



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James Tang

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I'm a hybrid wedding and portrait photographer. I use medium format 6x7 film and full frame digital cameras for my work. I'm based out of Southern California but have traveled throughout US and part of Europe to document weddings. My wedding photography style is modern, elegant, and timeless. Occasionally, I will do creative personal projects for fun.
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