What’s my photography style?

Some people asked me what photography style do I shoot, and to be honest I don’t know. Coming from a drawing and painting background, I love unique lighting and see photography as an opportunity to create beautiful art pieces that I myself can hang on my wall. I combine light, shadows, and focus to create “paintings” using my camera as a brush and the world as my canvas. My romance photos tend to be part reality and part fantasy.

My style has changed over the last 10 years. So, you look at my photographs and tell me what style I shoot. 🙂

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James Tang

Owner/Photographer at James Tang Photography
I'm a hybrid wedding and portrait photographer. I use medium format 6x7 film and full frame digital cameras for my work. I'm based out of Southern California but have traveled throughout US and part of Europe to document weddings. My wedding photography style is modern, elegant, and timeless. Occasionally, I will do creative personal projects for fun.
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